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"For thou hast been a shelter for me" - Psalms 61:3 

THANK YOU TO OUR CONTRIBUTORS TO BIKE SHELTER #159 (fully funded on January 4, 2022). We are now working to fund bike shelter #160.

* $200 F&E Service Fairfield, NJ
* $400.00 Brian S. Littleton, CO
* $50 Pamela K Englewood, CO
Please check out our social media posts at the bottom of this page or visit our instagram page to see videos and pictures of ALL the bike shelters since 2019 made possible by good folks just like you.

It is our dream to use bike shelters on a loaner basis help stabilize the basic shelter situation for our homeless neighbors so they can get a chance to rebuild their lives...and what we are doing IS WORKING. Please visit our instagram posts at the bottom of this page to see updates :)
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