We build weatherproof, low cost, rugged specialty bicycle trailers that help people. We got our start building bike trailer homeless shelters and for 2021 we are launching specialty bike trailers for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. We also help communities establish bike shelters loaner programs where local government, business, church, and community groups such as boy scout troops form teams that buy, build, and decorate bike shelters that are then placed into that local community loaner program. The homeless then sign up for the program so they can check out a bike shelter (free) like a library book on a week-to-week basis. Our bike shelters can either be purchased in plain white and easily decorated or can be ordered full color printed with your own artwork. We also sell bike shelters direct for those who just want to buy one for a homeless person or for those who want a cool looking bike shelter for cross country expeditions or to run a bicycle based business. 

Our products are built to last many years of severe urban useage.

Our founder operated a homeless ministry and noticed many recurring human problems that the homeless faced on a daily basis. One of the biggest problems he saw was that homeless people lacked basic portable shelter for themselves and their property. Everytime a homeless person leaves their camps to go to work, go scrapping, go panhandling, go to the food bank, or go to the library, the moment they left their camps their stuff was stolen. And the lack of basic shelter at night meant the homeless suffered sleeping with rats, bad weather, and being attacked by other homeless. 

After seeing all this for so long, we finally got fed up - we knew we had to do something. 

We set out to build something that would allow a tall man to sleep stretched out in comfort, or to sit up and read a book. We also wanted it to be low cost, lightweight but strong, easy to manufacture, and repairable. Most of all, we wanted it to connect to a bicycle which is the primary form of transportation for most of planet earth.

If we all work together, we can turn even small contributions into more bike shelters. We will be announcing some innovative fantastic new commercial payload cargo hauling bike trailers with brakes and heavy duty frames for later in 2022, stay tuned!

You can email us with questions or comments CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US @  bikeshelters1@gmail.com 


"For thou hast been a shelter for me" - Psalms 61:3