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Our original basic bike shelter kit! Our bike shelters are built to last many years under typical conditions and are constructed from long lasting high strength industrial polymer frames, and UV resistant / weatherproof corrugated plastic structures that are ultrasonically welded. The corrugated plastic body structure is pre-assembled and is ready to be bolted onto the frame. Total weight of finished assembled bike shelter is about 50lbs

UPGRADE OPTION: lightweight mig welded steel tube frame kit with high performance never-go-flat 12" polymer mag wheels with sealed bearings (reduces total bike shelter trailer weight 20lbs!)

Assembly takes a small group of people 15-30 minutes using basic tools. 

Orders outside of Colorado please contact us directly before placing orders and please note there is a minimum order of $5,000 so we can afford to drive a U-Haul filled with bike shelter kits to you that we will help you and your local chapter fully assemble in your city.

No returns on this product but we do offer assembly assistance, replacement parts, and can assist with repair advice. Our bike shelters are easily repairable! please call or email us if with any questions.