February 2021: We have successfully tested three different prototype bicycle trailer vendor cart designs we refer to as "Project Lemonade Stand". Click over to our instagram page to see videos of those. We will continue to refine the design and hope to have a retail production version for sale by late spring or early summer 2021. We also have successfully built and tested a prototype of a much larger bike shelter for the homeless we lovingly call "Project Conestoga" in homage to the covered wagons in the Old West USA of the middle 1800's. Once again, feel free to click over and watch videos of that new design in action at our instagram page. We hope to get that design into production by late spring or early summer 2021 as well.

Our work with the south Denver metro homeless organizations on their community bike shelters for the homeless loaner program continues and we are working with of Englewood and of Littleton on their Saturday February 27, 2021 "build-a-bikeshelter-for-the-homeless" day, click the video below for more information. Hope to see you there! 

January 2021: The upcoming Movement 5280 bike shelters loaner program begins later this January. Soon the homeless of the south metro Denver area will be able to check out a bike shelter like a library book on a week-to-week basis. We are still seeking sponsors to fund bike shelter #123 so please contribute today! We are also very close to announcing some innovative new products so stay tuned! 

December 23, 2020: we are now applying contributions towards bike shelter #123, we are at $340 and have $160 to go, thank you to all who have donated! 

December 22, 2020: Thank you to Neon The Bishop rock band from Denver, Colorado and their fans from all over the USA for their generous contributions towards the purchase of bike shelter #122! We will be building and taking #122 to Kendall and his band so they can artistically decorate it and in a few weeks we will be announcing a new Bike Shelters Loaner Program through a major homeless ministry in Englewood / South Littleton / South Denver area. Stay tuned! We will be posting pictures here when #122 is built and after it's decorated.

December 6, 2020: Thank you to a small church in Englewood, Colorado who wishes to remain anonymous for their $500 contribution towards Bike Shelter #120 which will go into the upcoming South Denver Metro Area Loaner Program to be announced in coming weeks. We built #120 on camera for an upcoming TV News Story on Denver 9News with TV Reporter Katie Eastman so look for that story soon. Here is a picture of bike shelter #120: 



We have shifted individual contributions thus far towards the NEXT bike shelter #121.

We will be announcing a new bike shelters loaner program for South Denver Metro Area in the coming weeks where the homeless can sign up free of charge and check out a bike shelter library book on a week-to-week basis. Stay tuned for that BIG announcement! We have wonderful momentum going into 2021, thank you and happy holidays


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$60.00 Jane S. Greenwood Village, CO $10.00 Virgina K. Loveland, CO
$20.00 Yvette G. Richardson, TX
$20.00 Chris S. Denver, CO
$10.00 Linda I. Denver, CO
$40.00 Pamela K. Englewood, CO
$40.00 anonymous
$40.00 anonymous
$10.00 Kiva T. Littleton, CO
$40.00 Pamela K. Englewood, CO

Help us close the gap so we can purchase materials and get #120 bike shelter built. Once built, #121 will go into the South Metro Denver area bike shelters loaner program through our friends at 5280 Movement Homeless Organization and Change the Trend