We help communities establish bike shelters for the homeless loaner programs that connect local business, church, and community groups that form teams that buy, build, and decorate bike shelters that are then placed into the local loaner program. The homeless of those communities then have the ability to sign up for those loaner programs and check out a bike shelter like a library book on a week-to-week basis. We do not manage those programs but we can provide numerous free resources that will allow communities to develop their own programs within a short time. Our bike shelters for the homeless are weatherproof, low cost, easily cleaned & sanitized, easily repaired if damaged, and ruggedly built to last years of severe urban use.

We offer bike shelters fully assembled in certain markets or in an easily assembled kit form delivered to your organization. Our bike shelters are built from industrial plastics and reinforced polymers, high quality rust resistant steel hardware, and low maintenance industrial quality wheels. Most of our clients choose to cover the bike shelters in  their loaner fleets with uplifting artwork, bible verses, and professional signs and schedules of critical community resources such as free addiction counselling classes like AA or Celebrate Recovery, weekly food banks, job counselling, and legal resources. Noted below is a video of a Denver metro area church and nonprofit homeless that came together to create a bike shelters for the homeless loaner program that you may find helpful:

Does your church, food bank, or community non profit want to get a bike shelters loaner program started? We want to help you. Contact us via email Email Us @ or call / text (720) 468-0011 to ask questions and learn more.