We build specialty bicycle trailers that transform people and communities. Our original "delta model" bike shelter for the homeless was introduced in 2019 and is a low cost, weatherproof, ruggedly built bicycle trailer light enough to be towed behind a bicycle and large enough for most adults to sleep stretched out in comfort with room for their backpacks and important personal items. We also manufacture a much larger bike shelter called "Project Conestoga" that launches later in 2021 that will have even more interior room while still weighing about the same as the delta model. Our bike shelters for the homeless were designed to help urban communities bring low cost, weatherproof basic portable shelter to their homeless populations. Our products are easily decorated by hand or with professional graphics that allow communities to advertise critical resources such as foodbanks, addiction counselling, job counselling, and legal services. 

And also new for 2021 are our new utility bicycle trailers and bicycle trailer vendor carts perfect for anyone who wants to start a bicycle foodcart, or coffee stand, or mobile popsicle business...or whatever you can dream up! Our products are designed and manufactured in Englewood, Colorado USA and are built to last many years of severe urban use in all seasons and all temperatures.